(Pocket-lint) - Looking around for the best deals on a Huawei phone? Keen on the P30 Pro New Edition, P40 Pro or a Mate 20 X 5G, or perhaps an older and now much cheaper, 30?

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Best Huawei P30 Pro deals

The New Edition may offer more than the original base-spec handset, but it costs less than the original P30 Pro did at launch. This is with 8GB of RAM, instead of 6GB and 256GB of storage (the original has 128GB). The P30 Pro New Edition does bring things up to date in cosmetic form though - The Silver Frost finish - and it's the same as you'll find on the P40 Pro.


• The leading deal for the new edition of the P30 Pro is on O2, with 90GB of data for £33 a month and a no upfront fee via Mobile Phones Direct. That's with access to O2 hotspots, discounts through Priority and it has a total cost of ownership of £792. See the deal in Silver

Best Huawei P40 Pro deals

A true flagship in so many areas, except one: the lack of Google Services hampers the downloading, sign-in and operation of certain apps. That's a hindrance for many western users, although using Phone Clone you can use the P40 largely unimpinged. It's a shame to see the camera king struck down by the Google sting - but that's how things are right now. 


Our recommended P40 Pro deal is on Three and is accompanied by a 100GB 5G data allowance for £38 a month (£29 upfront). You''ll have free roaming in 71 countries and it has a total cost of ownership of £941.  View the offer in Black | Silver

Best Huawei P40 deals

The Huawei P40 - on first impressions - seems like a perfectly good piece of hardware. The camera system looks really promising, and the general performance should be really good, but it is placed in an awkward position by a number of factors. If Google and Huawei were suddenly allowed to work with each other again, and we could have Play Services installed on the P40 officially, it would be a phone worth considering.


The leading offer for the P40 is on EE, with 50GB data at £32 a month, £33.99 upfront. That's with free BT Sport for three months and Apple Music and Britbox for six months (TCO £801.99).  See the plan the offer in Black

Best Huawei Mate 20X 5G deals

If you're looking for a two-handed mega-sized phone then the Mate 20 X is a genuinely fantastic media powerhouse. It has a great (and, yes, massive) screen, further enhanced by great audio, and the battery just goes on and on whatever you throw at it.


The Mate 20 X 5G has a decent plan with Three, sporting 100GB of data for £39 a month and it has an upfront cost of £29 and a TCO of £965.  View the Mate 20 X plan in Black

Best Huawei P30 Pro deals

With great design and colour options, immense battery life plenty of power and the P30 Pro isn't just a photography phone, it's arguably the best flagship phone we'll see in 2019. Its camera setup is currently untouchable too.


We've spotted a great deal for the Huawei P30 Pro on Three that has 100GB of data for £29 a month (£29 upfront free), plus unlimited data for apps such as Netflix, Snapchat and more. That's from fonehouse and with a total cost of ownership of £765.  View the offer in Black


Best Huawei P30 deals

If you're looking for a pocketable flagship then the P30 is a great option for its design and capable camera. That said, last year's P20 Pro will be tempting for price, while the P30 Pro is larger, longer-lasting and more capable in every way - making that the model most will likely want.


The P30 most outstanding deal is on Three with 100GB of data for £34 month (nothing upfront). You'll also have unlimited data for certain apps, such as Netflix and Snapchat (TCO £796, from fonehouse).  View the offer in Black

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