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(Pocket-lint) - What do you want from your smartphone? Great value? The latest tech? Chinese manufacturer Huawei is fast becoming a favourite brand precisely because it makes phones that offer either innovation or keen prices.  Here are its latest handsets, the Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 Lite and why you should get them:

Reasons to buy the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with Carphone Warehouse

When Pocket-lint reviewed the new Mate 20 Pro we said that the "The Mate 20 Pro's battery life is utterly brilliant" and that "We've fallen head-over-heels for this top-spec flagship" and that “The Mate 20 Pro camera is sensational.” But here are three other reasons for getting the new Mate 20 Pro:


1. It has a cool fingerprint sensor

The Mate 20 Pro has facial recognition but there's also a fingerprint sensor. However, unlike most other phones, it's not on the back of the handset but actually buried in the display. When the phone is locked, if you simply lift it up, a fingerprint icon appears towards the centre of the display. Press your thumb or finger on that and it instantly unlocks to the home screen!

2. It takes wireless charging to a new level

The other real innovations is wireless charging. Lots of phones have that, you say. Correct, but here you can not only charge your phone using a wireless charging pad, you can charge other phones with this one. Press the phone back to back with another phone that has wireless charging, it'll buzz and start charging the other phone, even if it's from another brand.

3. It has three Leica cameras on the back

Leica makes sensational, if expensive, cameras so its collaboration with Huawei is a clue as to why the Mate 20 Pro is so good at photography. The three lenses and flash sit in a square on the back. All three lenses have different focal lengths so as you zoom in it switches seamlessly from one to the next. One of the sensors even has a 40MP resolution. Add in artificial intelligence that recognises what you're photographing and adjusting settings accordingly, and you can see why the camera capabilities are so good on this phone.

Reasons to buy the Huawei Mate 20 Lite with Carphone Warehouse

If you don't need all the power of the Mate 20 Pro you could opt for the Mate 20 Lite. Here are three reasons to consider it for your next phone:


1. It has a classy, slick design

The Mate 20 Lite is an affordable version of the Mate 20 Pro but it has a design that makes it look rather more expensive than its price ticket would suggest. In fact, unlike most lower-priced phones, it has a screen which covers almost the entire front of the handset apart from a notch at the top.  And the screen is big - 6.3 inches - again unlike many lower-priced phones. It even manages to be lightweight and it's certainly slim in the hand.

2. Dual cameras - back and front

Although this phone is much less expensive than the Mate 20 Pro, it uses similar artificial intelligence features to recognise what you're looking at and make it look its best. Twin cameras are often used to create great-looking portraits where the subject is in pin-sharp focus and the background blurred. That's what happens here and because there are twin cameras front as well as rear, it can shoot self-portraits with neat effects, too.

3. It's well-connected

Many, perhaps most, classy smartphones these days have removed the headphone jack which isn't always what you want, especially if the phone doesn't come with an adapter in the box. If you have a favourite pair of headphones you might appreciate the chance to use them. With this phone, you can, though there's also a decent speaker to listen to when you play back video.

There's also Bluetooth and NFC on board, so connectivity options are great. What's more, it comes with the latest USB-C socket on the base, which can help with faster charging, too.