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The 6.1-inch iPhone 11 is available in three different capacities - 64, 128 and 256GB. It boasts Apple's very latest A13 Bionic platform and a dual 12 megapixel rear-camera. 

In the US, AT&T is offering the iPhone 11 starting with 3GB for $73.34 a month with no activation fee charge (usually $30)

Sprint's plans start with an unlimited data allowance at $60 a month. That's $29.17 for the iPhone 11 and $60 for the plan, with Hulu access and a $5 monthly discount. 

Verizon deals begin with the Apple mobile costing $29.16 a month, plus $65 extra for 5GB of data, with unlimited minutes and texts.

The T-Mobile setup for the 11 commences with the essentials plan that has unlimited data, minutes and texts for $89.17 a month. This is $29.17 for the phone and $60 a month for the line.

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• The most outstanding plan for Three comes with 100GB of data for £36 a month (£79.99 upfront cost). That's with fonehouse and has unlimited mins/texts on the Go Binge setup, with unlimited data for Apple Music, Snapchat, Netflix and more (TCO £943.99). Visit offer here for Black | White | Yellow | Purple | Red


Our recommended EE deal ships with 75GB of data, with unlimited mins/texts for £44 a month (£39 upfront cost) from Affordable Mobiles. That's with six months of free access to Apple Music and brit box, plus three months of BT Sport and with a total cost of ownership of £1095. See the offer in Black | White | Green | Yellow | Purple | Red


• There's a good O2 contract around for the iPhone 11 with a 90GB data allowance, plus unlimited minutes and texts for £43 a month. There with 60GB free and  a £49.99 upfront cost with Affordable Mobiles (TCO £1199.76). View the deal in Black | White | Green | Yellow | Purple | Red


• The leading iPhone 11 plan on Vodafone has unlimited data, minutes and texts priced at £51 a month, with no speed cap (£11.99 upfront) That's with fonehouse and has a total cost of ownership of £1235.99). View the deal in Black | White | Green | Yellow | Purple | Red

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The standard iPhone 11 will sit above the iPhone XR, pushing that multicoloured handset further down in price. The iPhone XR will remain on sale, starting at $599/£629, which represents a great price for such a powerful phone. 

That means the iPhone 11 will now be Apple's base level current-generation phone costing $699, and £729 for the base 64GB model. The 128GB version costs $749/£779 and the 256GB model is $849/£879. Yes, those are all straight US Dollar to British Pound prices, reflecting how far the Pound has fallen.  

You can see the latest deals for most of Apple's current handsets below, as well as what to do if you want to trade-in your current iPhone to get a new one. 

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If you can upgrade today, Carphone Warehouse has specific upgrade-only deals that aren't available to new customers, or check out the network links below.

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Writing by Dan Grabham and Rob Kerr.