Interested in getting a new phone, but want to score a great deal?

You're in luck. We've rounded up the best deals happening this month for the latest and most popular devices. In the US, carriers offer all sorts of promotions in an attempt to get you to join their network. All the ones we've found are great bargains with no strings attached. If you'd like more information about the different phones in each deal, then check out our handy guide to the best smartphones right now.

The Pocket-lint Best US Mobile Phone deals

Apple iPhone best deals

• Apple iPhone XR

If you lease an iPhone XR from Sprint, you can get a second one for free on Sprint's Flex Lease. If you want the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone X instead, you'll only get a discount. You'll receive monthly credits of $31.25 on the second Flex Lease. View the deal here.

If you buy a new iPhone XR from Verizon on monthly installments, you'll get a second one for free. You can also buy any of the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max and get a second iPhone XR for free or $750 off a second iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. The only requirement is that you need to activate at least one new line with Verizon, and you must keep it activated for 24 months to get the entire discount. View the deal here.

• Apple iPhone XS

You can buy the new iPhone XS or XS Max with T-Mobile and get up to $390 off when activating two lines with an eligible trade-in device. In other words, with your eligible trade-in, you can can save a lot of coin and you get to hop on T-Mobile's popular unlimited plan. View the deal here.

You can get up to $550 off a second iPhone or a free second iPhone XR, when you lease your first iPhone XS with Sprint's Flex. The best part is this also works if your leased phone is an iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. You'll still get an iPhone XR or second iPhone discount. View the deal here.

• Apple iPhone XS Max

For a limited time, when you buy an iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus from AT&T, you can get up to $750 in monthly billing credits toward a second free (any of the same selection of iPhone models). View the deal here.

Apple iPhone 8

For a limited time, you can lease the iPhone 8 on Sprint Flex for just $5 per month. That's $14.45 off. View the deal here.

Best Samsung deals

• Samsung Galaxy S9

If you sign up for a new line with Sprint, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S9 for just $9 per month on Sprint's Flex Lease. You'll receive monthly credits of $24 over the 18-month period. That's an incredible deal on a phone that's less than a year old. View the deal here.

Want a second Galaxy S9? You can get two from Verizon. Just buy a new one from Verizon on monthly installments, and you'll get a second one for free (on monthly installments). If you want a Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, you can get an $800 discount off those phones instead. Your discount will be applied as monthly billing credits, so you'll must have an active line with Verizon for 24 months. View the deal here.

• Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

If you'd like a bigger screen, then when get the Galaxy S9 Plus instead. Just sign up for a new Flex Lease with Sprint (you need to activating a new line), and Galaxy S9 Plus will cost $14 per month. That's a bargain of $24 per month (or about $400 total). View the deal here.

• Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or even a Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, or Galaxy S8 Active on AT&T Next, you'll get a second one discounted by $790. Your second phone must also be purchased on AT&T Next, and you need DIRECTV service to be eligible. View the deal here.

Best Google Pixel deals

• Pixel 3 XL

Verizon is celebrating Valentine's Day with a deal on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Both new and existing customers who switch to Verizon and get a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL can get a $300 credit that will be applied to their monthly bill over the span of 24 months. View the deal here.

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Check out our guide here. - PAY MONTHLY PHONES The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is now available on EE who have been awarded the UK’s best network for the fifth year running. RootMetrics tested the four UK networks and EE was faster and more reliable than all of them, with better data performance. Their network has come a long way since they launched in 2012. Back then they had 11 UK cities covered by 4G. Today they cover most of the UK’s land mass, thanks to 19,000 state-of-the-art 4G sites. They’ve got faster, too – from 50Mbps to a maximum speed of 400Mbps. And they’re soon to experience even greater possibilities with the launch of 5G.