Apple's iPhone XR is around on some great deals this May, and we're covering the best on EE, Vodafone, Three, O2 and Virgin Mobile.

It's Apple's more affordable iPhone that embraces the buttonless design from last year, and without the hefty price tag.

There is a great 6.1-inch LCD display, good camera, fast A12 Bionic processor and with stunning colours on the rear. These are white, yellow, blue, coral, red or black.

SIM free, prices start at £749 for the 64GB version in the UK, $749 in the US.

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Best Apple iPhone XR deals

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Apple iPhone XR deals

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The most outstanding offer for the XR on O2 has a 30GB data allowance for the price of £37. This costs£99 upfront with UL mins/texts, plus there's access to O2 Wi-Fi, and O2 Priority for discounts. See the deal in Black | White | Blue | Yellow | Coral | Red


• We've spotted a good offer with the XR on EE that has a 50GB of data for £43 a month (£49 upfront), with UL mins/texts. This comes with 25GB free, and access to Amazon Prime Video, MTV Play and Apple Music for six months and BT Sport for three months. See the deal in Black | White | Blue | Yellow | Coral | Red


The leading Apple iPhone XR deal sports 50GB of data costing £41 a month on Vodafone with unlimited minutes/texts (£99 upfront). View the deal in Black | White | Blue | Yellow | Coral | Red


The recommended deal for the iPhone XR on Three has 30GB of data, UL minutes and texts for £54 a month (£9.99 upfront). View the deal in Black

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile's (EE) choice plan has 100GB for £46 a month (usually the price for 10GB). This has 5,000 minutes and unlimited text messaging. See the deal in Black | White | Blue | Yellow | Coral | Red

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Carphone Warehouse has a handy tool on its site which allows you to check if you're eligible for an upgrade. Find out if you can upgrade today. If you can upgrade today, Carphone Warehouse has specific upgrade-only deals that aren't available to new customers. - PAY MONTHLY PHONES The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is now available on EE who have been awarded the UK’s best network for the fifth year running. RootMetrics tested the four UK networks and EE was faster and more reliable than all of them, with better data performance. Their network has come a long way since they launched in 2012. Back then they had 11 UK cities covered by 4G. Today they cover most of the UK’s land mass, thanks to 19,000 state-of-the-art 4G sites. They’ve got faster, too – from 50Mbps to a maximum speed of 400Mbps. And they’re soon to experience even greater possibilities with the launch of 5G.

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