Looking for faster broadband? Perhaps a better deal that you are currently on? Are all the offers around today mindbogglingly? Then let us save you all the trouble of working out what's on offer with the likes of BT, Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk, Plusnet, EE and highlight the best.

And there's never been a better time to switch, saving you money along the way. We're covered all the best bundles with good speeds, great offers, money back deals, gift cards and more - all as a part of the packages - listed in order of best one first.

We're refreshing this article frequently, so read on, but bookmark this page just on the off chance you're still within contract and not able to switch today.  

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BT Broadband

View offer for BT Broadband

  • Average speeds of up to 50Mb
  • Free Amazon Echo
  • Free £80 Mastercard gift card 
  • £35.99 £29.99 a month
  • £19.99 free activation fee
  • Unlimited UK weekend calls
  • Access to Wi-Fi Disc

BT has a number of packages, starting with up to 10Mb speed for £24.99 a month. The standout deal for us is their Superfast Fibre package (50Mb), with a £80 Mastercard for £29.99 a month - with a £170 gift bundle.

The plan was priced at £35.99 but has been reduced in cost with over a £100 saving, and there is no upfront activation fee (usually £19.99).

It's accompanied by the latest BT Smart Hub router, unlimited monthly usage with no-cap, unlimited UK weekend calls and access BT WiFi hotspots as a part of the offer. 

You can also now get the BT Wi-Fi Disc on this package for an extra £10 cost, which extends the wi-fi signal around your home.

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Virgin Media Broadband

View offer from Virgin Media

  • Average speed of 108Mb
  • £32 a month
  • Only 12 month contract
  • Weekend calls
  • £25 activation fee

Virgin Media broadband packages start at 54Mb for £32 a month on a 12 month contract, with a one time set-up cost of £25.

That's on the Vivid 108 package, with speeds of 108Mb.

This is thanks to a free speed boost that's currently on a discounted offer, plus a free Virgin Media Hub 3 and its talk weekend phone package of free land land calls on Saturday and Sunday.

Virgin states this is for busy households, with 5 to 9 devices accessing the internet at once - although we're sure many will find it useful with less devices. 

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View offer from TalkTalk

  • Average speeds of 63Mb
  • £38.50 £22.45 a month - 35% off
  • Price fixed for 18-months 

TalkTalk offers broadband with speeds at 11Mb, 36Mb and 63Mb - all with discounts the month - only it's the last one we like the most.

It's called the Unlimited Fibre Speed Boost and now sports a 35% saving, priced at £22.45 instead of £38.50 a month.

You'll get a fixed free for the 18-months of the contract, a free Wi-Fi router and a 30-day connection guarantee. 

The latter means you are free to leave, at any time, over the first 30 days of your service going live. 

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Sky Broadband 

View offer from Sky Broadband

  • Average speeds of up to 63Mb
  • £43.99 £27 a month
  • £9.95 activation fee
  • Call screening

Sky has a few packages, starting with 11Mb for £18 a month, but the one that caught our eye has speeds of 63Mb.

This is called Sky Fibre Max and costs the princely sum of £27 a month, with £16.99 off the monthly fee. Sky guarantees your download line speed or your money back - which has to be a good selling point.

It also has the Sky Q Hub and Sky WiFi hotspot access factored in, plus there are a range of phone packages that could be added.

The first fee paying one is priced at £4 a month, with inclusive calls to UK mobile and landline numbers at evenings and weekends.

That's coupled with Sky Talk Shield, which is a personalised call screening service that allows you to listen to who's calling and accept or block the call. 

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View offer from Plusnet

  • Average speed 66Mb
  • Free £50 Mastercard gift card 
  • 1,000 minutes to mobiles
  • £27.99 a month
  • £25 £5 activation

Plusnet's packages start with a 36Mb offering for £23.99, but our choice deal has average speeds of 66Mb.

This comes with a free Plusnet Hub One Wi-Fi router, McAfee security and all for £27.99 a month.

You also get free evening and weekend calls to landlines, along with 1,000 minutes to UK mobiles during those times.

That's with a fixed price, so that mean there's no price rises, any time, during 12 month contract duration.

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EE Broadband

View offers for EE Broadband

  • Average speeds 67Mb
  • Free 5GB data for mobiles
  • £41 £30 a month
  • No activation fee 

EE's packages start at the £20 a month for 10Mb, moving up to a 300Mb plan. It's the Fibre Plus, 67Mb deal that costs £30 a month that's our recommendation. 

And if you are already an EE pay monthly customer, you'll get an extra 5GB of data added to your tariff each month.

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