Out of contract and looking to save some money on a like-for-like, or better plan this Black Friday? Perhaps you're ordering a new phone, such as the iPhone 11, Note 10, OnePlus 7, Google Pixel 3a, Huawei P30, or Samsung Galaxy S10? Either way, then you're in the right place for the best SIM Only deals.

Over the past few years, SIM contracts have seen something of a resurgence. These SIM Only deals allow you to move networks easily and give you great value for money; they're available either on a 12-month, or even rolling monthly plans. 

These SIM-only arrangements are also ideal if your contract is up and you want to save money by not upgrading to a new phone. They're also great if you'd rather buy a mobile phone SIM free and just use EE, Vodafone, Three or O2 for connectivity.

The best SIM Only deals

On this page we'll bring you the best SIM only deals selected from EE, Three, Vodafone, O2, Giffgaff and more, all saving you the time and effort of hunting around for these very offers.

The best deal for heavy data users

Vodafone has unlimited data, minutes and texts available for £23 a month, with a choice of free Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports mobile. Its speed is capped at 2Mbps, but £3 more opens it to 10Mbps and £7 more a month removes the cap. View the offer

• Smarty (running from Three) has a £3 monthly discount on it's unlimited data, minutes and texts SIM - priced at £22 a month. That was £25 a month, so you'll save £36 in the first year and it's only a 30-day plan so you can switch at any time. See the deal

The best offer for medium data users

Giffgaff has a 30-day 40GB SIM deal for £20 a month, with unlimited mins/texts. It runs off the O2 network, and the deal offers a decent data allowance. View the deal

• Voxi (running from Vodafone) has 20GB of data, unlimited mins and texts for £20 a month. That's with unlimited data for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more: It's a good alternative for those who more data than deal below.  See the deal

The best deal for low data users

You can save £60 on this Virgin Mobile 15GB data SIM priced at £13 a month, as it was £18. This is a good deal for those that want a little bit more than the one below, with 5000 minutes and unlimited texts.  Check out the offer here

 Three has a good entry level plan with its 8GB of data for £9 a month with unlimited minutes and texts. That's a 5G-ready, 12 month plan, with free roaming in 71 different destinations around the world. View the deal     

Compare the best SIM only deals

Couldn't find a SIM deal above? Here you can compare all the best SIM only deals available right now. You can use the sliders and menus to choose the best deal that suits your needs.


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