Got a new phone for in the sales? Perhaps you're just looking to save some money this February and move across to a cheaper deal? Then you've come to the right place, for all the best SIMO or SIM Only top offers.

Over the past few years, SIM only contracts have seen something of a resurgence. These SIM Only deals enable you to move networks easily and give you great value for money; they're available either on a 12-month basis, or even rolling monthly plans. 

These SIM-only arrangements are also ideal if your contract is up and you want to save money by not upgrading to a new phone. They're also great if you'd rather buy a mobile phone SIM free - such as the OnePlus 6T, Apple iPhone XR or Pixel 3.

The best SIM Only deals available today

On this page we'll bring you the best SIM only deals selected from EE, Three, Vodafone, O2, Giffgaff and more, all saving you the time and effort of hunting around for these very offers.

The best deal for heavy data users

Three's great deal is ending tomorrow: Unlimited data, minutes and texts for £20 a month. That's a huge amount of data and will cater for all your downloading needs. View the deal


There's a good Vodafone deal with £120 cashback,  60GB of data for £30 a month, with UL mins/text. This also has a choice of Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports mobile TV for 12 months. See the deal

The best offer for medium data users

Three has a 30GB data deal for £17 a month, with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. There is also unlimited data for Netflix, Apple Music, Snapchat, Deezer and more. View the deal


 Virgin Mobile (EE) has a 12GB data allowance costing £12 a month, with 2500 minutes and unlimited texts. It's a good deal of data for most that aren't exceptional heavy data users, with three times the data at no extra cost. See the deal


The best deal for low data users

• Virgin Mobile (EE) has a 4GB data allowance for £8 a month, with 1500 mins and unlimited texts. This is a good deal for those that want a little bit more than the ID Mobile offering. See the deal


ID Mobile (Three) has 1GB of data for £5 a month with 500 minutes and unlimited texts. That's a great entry-level SIM, with unused data rolling over to the next month and it's also the best value 30-day rolling SIM-only deal, too. View the deal     


Compare the best SIM only deals

Couldn't find a SIM deal above? Here you can compare all the best SIM only deals available right now. You can use the sliders and menus to choose the best deal that suits your needs.


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