The best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases 2021: Protect your new S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra.

Simple and easy, this clean case from Samsung has some great added extras in the form of those LEDs.

(image credit: Samsung)

If you prefer your Samsung case without lights, this is as straightforward as they come.

(image credit: Samsung)

We really like the textured finish of this case, which pairs nicely with your new S20.

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

If you want your phone to show through your case, though, a translucent shell might be best.

(image credit: Tech21)

A solid case that's excellent if you drop your phone often. 

(image credit: Mous)

Leather is a timeless material, and Snakehive's wallet cases are similarly classy and long-lasting.

(image credit: Snakehive)

With totally clear plastic, this Speck case will ensure that your new phone gets the platform it deserves.

(image credit: Speck)

Get real protection from this UAG case, if you're worried about drops.

(image credit: UAG)

For an eye-catching twist, the iridescence of this case from Gear4 is a winner.

(image credit: Gear4)