(Pocket-lint) - The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the most important phone releases of 2018. It comes in two sizes, the Galaxy S9 with a 5.8-inch display and the larger S9+ with a whopping 6.2in screen.

Once you've chosen it, you'll need to equip the phone to make the most of it. Here are the seven best accessories available now.

1. Make it look even better

There are plenty of cases available for a popular phone like this. First, decide whether you want to go for a super-protective case or a design-oriented case. The Samsung Original S9 Alcantara Cover (£44.99 but £33.74 from EE) is made from Alcantara a soft, luxuriant-feeling material that's attractive and tactile. Even better, because it has a suede-like feel it's comfortable and doesn't slip through your fingers easily. Choose from black, blue, red and mint colour finishes.

2. Protect it


Or maybe you want something that protects the phone. The Tech21 Evo Check (£29.99) comes in three different colour, Smokey Black, Midnight Blue or Clear. Each one is amazingly thin, 1.6mm, so it barely adds any weight or thickness to the handset. But it's more than just attractive. It uses a special material called FlexShock which absorbs the energy of an impact if you drop it so your phone stays safely protected inside.  

3. Protect it

The Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Screen (£24.99) is a brilliant way to know that your phone's screen is going to say scratch- and crack-free. Screen protectors for phones which have sloping-edge fronts, like the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have to be very precisely made or they just don't work. This one is a perfect fit so it offers protection on the front and edges of the display. It's made of tempered glass that is super-transparent so you really don't notice it's there. And because it's glass it feels as smooth and luxurious as the phone's own display. It's even easy to attach it to the phone.

4. Charge it


Your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ has a very cool way to charge it: wirelessly. Just place it on a compatible wireless charging pad and it'll go to work. This means you can pick it up and plonk it down as often as you like instead of having to endlessly connect and disconnect a wire. The Samsung Original EE Wireless Collection (£79.99) has all you need. First, there's a fast wireless charging stand which will charge the phone up to 1.4x faster than many wireless chargers. But there's also a powerful fast-charging plug and 1.5 metre USB-C cable. Oh, and the pack also includes a voucher for £25 off a Samsung Galaxy S9 original case when you buy it online from EE.

5. Charge it

Or maybe you want a charger that's even more stylish and convenient? The Samsung Original Convertible Wireless Charger (£69.99, but 49.99 from EE) comes in a two-colour finish, brown and grey, and is versatile because you can angle the pad so that it lies flat or stands at an angle. This means you can place your phone so you can see the screen, either vertically to see incoming notifications or horizontally which is especially good because you can watch a video on it, say, while it charges quietly. It's made of a smooth, matte silicone material which holds the phone safely.

6. Listen to it


Smartphones come with decent earbud headphones supplied but you can improve the audio quality you hear from your phone by upgrading to a pair of better ones. Beats PowerBeats 3 (£169.95) are excellent wireless headphones which connect by Bluetooth. Be warned, once you've tried wireless cans, it's hard to go back to ones with wires. This pair is particularly good for working out thanks to ear hooks that stop them falling out when you're running, say and they're sweat-resistant. The battery lasts up to 12 hours between charges. And if you need to listen straight away, just five minutes of charging gives an hour of playback! Choose from blue and red finishes. If you’re an existing customer, or you’re buying the new S9 with us, you can add these to your plan and pay monthly. 

7. Play it

The Samsung Original Level Box Mini Bluetooth Speaker (£89.99) means you can listen to your phone's music easily. As well as Bluetooth it has NFC connectivity so you just tap your Galaxy S9 on the speaker and they're paired instantly. You can also connect tablets and other devices with Bluetooth. The speaker has a lush metallic style and can even work as a hands-free speaker for phone calls. It's superbly portable and the built-in battery can play music for up to 25 hours before it needs to be recharged.