The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is now available to buy and there are some great deals to be had if you are happy to shop around.

We've scoured the internet for all the best Samsung Galaxy S9+ prices and deals that are available right now.

Over a 2 year period, which is the standard for mobile phone contract networks to do, price-savvy customers will look for the best deal that has the lowest monthly cost. The contracts that have the lower monthly cost usually have an upfront fee attached to it but we've limited it to a maximum of £100 to find the best deals.

Three is offering one of the lowest packages in the market currently which gives you 4GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £46.00 a month over 24 months, costing you £1,203 over 2 years. Also, don't forget, you get free 12 months Netflix when you order with Three.

If you're willing to pay extra on an upfront cost to reduce your monthly costs, EE isoffering you 1GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for only £44.00 a month over 24 months, however costing you only £1195 over 2 years with an upfront cost of £139.00 See this deal here.

If the deals we've chosen haven't appealed to you, use our price comparison tool to work out the best plan for you. To use the phone deal chart below simply use the drop-down menus and sliders to find the perfect Galaxy S9+ contract plan for you. Whether you want more data or unlimited minutes, our price comparison table updates in real time offering you the best deals available at any time of the day.

Note to Google AMP users: You may not be able to see our price comparison tool which shows you the best deals. You can tackle this be scrolling to the top of your mobile browser, and clicking on the link button which will then display all the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

The widget below is updated automatically - in real-time - with the best deals available from all networks and retailers in the UK. If you can't see the deal you are after, check back again at a later time to see if the widget has updated with more deals and details. 


Three offer truly unlimited data and the best package currently has an upfront cost of £79.00 but comes with unlimited data, minutes and texts for only £67.00 a month over 24 months, costing you £1,687 over 2 years. This package is highly recommended for individuals that use a lot of data a month streaming and browsing. On top of that, Three are giving away 12 months free Netflix if you order with them which is the best sweetener we've seen so far. See this deal here.

EE currently has a great offer on which includes 60GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for an incredible £68.00 a month over 24 months, costing you £1,632 over a 2 year period. This deal was 20GB (now 60GB) and had an upfront cost of £250 (now free) so be quick to take advantage. Right now too you can get it delivered tomorrow if you order before 18:00 GMT. See this great deal here.

Don't forget also if you have a a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you trade it in for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and save £250.

O2 via Mobile Phones Direct offer a similar package with 30GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £51.00 a month over 24 months, costing you £1,224 over a 2 year period. This is a great deal if you don't need more than 30GB of data. See this deal here.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S9+ SIM-free from various UK retailers and networks.

Samsung also give you the opportunity to purchase the phone SIM free using a 0% interest free "Samsung upgrade programme with Close Brothers" and you pay this back over 24 months. 

The initial deposit in the UK is £86.90 and then you shall repay the total amount payable by an initial payment of £32.76 payable one month after the date of your agreement followed by 23 monthly payments of £32.58 starting two months after the date of your agreement. This works out to be £869.00 over 24 months if approved. 

If you do opt for a SIM free option, make sure our Editor's pick offer to go with your new Samsung Galaxy S9+ which includes unlimited data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts for only £19.08 a month. Find out more here.

It's RRP is £869 in the UK and in the US it will cost you $839.99; saving you around £264 if you are in the States, but make sure you buy it unlocked. It is worth nothing that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have reduced heavily in prices which you can check out here using our best price comparison tool.

Retailers and networks that are selling it for SIM free include:

EE are the most used network in the UK and they offer the highest speeds with up to 60mbps. We've worked out the best deals available for each type of customer.

Top 3 EE orders

Samsung Galaxy S9+ customers who order with EE on a Max plan will get 60GB of data for the price of 20GB plus 24 months access to the BT Sport app and a whole host of additional EE benefits including Wi-Fi Calling. 

EE is also giving Samsung fans the opportunity to save £250 when they trade-in their existing Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Carphone Warehouse compare all deals from the mobile networks in the UK so expect there to be fierce competition.

You can buy the S9+ SIM Free from £869. The widget below will update automatically - in real-time - with the best deals available from Carphone Warehouse.

For the Galaxy S9+ the deals to watch are £99.99 upfront at £63pm with 25GB on EE, £129.99 upfront at £61pm with 20GB on O2, and £99.99 upfront at £63pm with 16GB with Vodafone. have an offer currently where you can double your storage with a memory SD card if you order. You also can get the phone seven days early. Use our price comparison tool to find the S9+ best deal that suits you.

You can check out what we think of the brand new Samsung S9+ in our review of the new flagship phone from Samsung. We've also compiled a number of articles that looks at how the new phone stand up against the competition. 

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