Samsung unveiled its new phone at simultaneous events in New York, London and Rio and afterwards we got a chance to check out all the official cases and accessories for the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be first in the family to come to the UK for a while, with Samsung Europe deciding to skip a generation last time around, so there's a lot of anticipation.

It will be available for pre-order from 16 August and will ship from 2 September, but along with your shiny new phone you'll probably want a natty case or two to keep it protected. And a charger to keep the power topped up.

In typical Samsung style, there are plenty of options, from the practical to the seemingly wacky. So to give you an idea of what to hunt down when you get a chance, we photographed all of them, which we present in our gallery above.

Have a flick through to see the whole collection.

Sadly, prices aren't forthcoming right now, but they should be available around the same time as the handset itself.

We particularly like the camera lens cases, that improve the photographic potential of the phone. You're certainly spoiled for choice though.