LG's V series is the alternative flagship model, often ranged alongside the G series. Traditionally the V series was larger, but felt a little niche; recently, LG has been doing more to make the V series more competitive.

After the appearance of the LG V30 in 2017, the LG V30S ThinQ was announced in early 2018 as an incremental device and most of the features came to the V30 via a software update. But in the LG V35 ThinQ there's a bigger hardware hit.

Here's how the two devices breakdown so you can see exactly what the difference is. 

LG V35 ThinQ vs LG V30: Design

  • V35: 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3mm, 157g
  • V30: 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3mm, 158g 

Glance your eyes over the measurements and you'll see something in common. Yes, these devices clock in with the same measurements, because they look the same, feel the same and offer the same features.

That's a good thing, because the LG V30 is slim, offers a great reduced bezel design, and comes with an IP68 waterproof rating. What's to change? Seriously, the LG V30 was one of our favourite 18:9 designs of 2017 and it's great to see a lift in the V35 ThinQ. There's even a 3.5mm headphone socket on both. 

Looking for design differences? Well, there are none, except for the text on that Gorilla Glass 5 rear.

LG V35 ThinQ vs LG V30: Display

  • V35: 6-inch OLED, 18:9 2880 x 1440 pixels, 538ppi
  • V30: 6-inch OLED, 18:9 2880 x 1440 pixels, 538ppi

Yes, the display is the same too, with a 6-inch Quad HD+ OLED panel offering 538ppi. It crams in the detail and also support HDR. 

Again, there's no difference in the display, both are minimal on the bezel and finished with Gorilla Glass 5.

So what's next? 

LG V35 ThinQ vs LG V30: Hardware 

  • V35: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, 3300mAh
  • V30: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, 3300mAh 

So now we stumble upon the difference. The big change here is that the V35 ThinQ has been updated internally for 2018, getting a Qualcomm boost and moving onto the Snapdragon 845 platform. It also gets 6GB RAM as standard.

Those who know their LG V30 models will know that the V30 launched with 4GB RAM and then updated to the V30S with 6GB RAM in February, but the jump to SD845 is going to be the big differentiator here - it brings more power to handle your mobile demands even better.

There are two version of the V35, one with 64GB storage and a + model with 128GB - but both also support microSD.

There's another difference in the audio offering: both have a quad DAC to support your headphones, but the LG V35 also offers DTS:X 3D surround sound, for more immersive mobile audio through the speakers. This appeared on the LG G7 and is a useful audio boost on the V35. 

There's also a boost to the microphones, with enhanced far-field voice recognition, so you can fire-up Google Assistant from across the room with more reliability.

Both have the same 3300mAh battery capacity.

LG V35 ThinQ vs LG V30: Cameras

  • V35: 16MP main f/1.6, 16MP wide f/1.9; 8MP front f/1.9
  • V30: 16MP main f/1.6, 13MP wide f/1.9; 5MP front f/2.2

On paper the cameras might look similar. The rear camera is a dual system that offers a wide-angle camera paired with the main. The difference here is that the wide-angle camera on the V35 has been moved to 16-megapixels, but at the same time, its field of view narrows, to 107 degrees, compared to 120 degrees on the V30 - so the new model is less wide than the old.

LG says this is to give wide angle photos with less distortion and increased sharpness. If the quality goes up, then who can complain? 

The front camera also gets a bump to 8-megapixels (from 5-megapixels on the V30), to give you more detail. 

The LG V35 ThinQ has the AI camera - although this update should have landed on most LG V30 models by now. LG also says this is the "Super Bright Camera" featured on the LG G7, which leans on AI (and processing from that more powerful hardware) to boost the low light performance. 

So the LG V35 ThinQ should be a better camera all round.

LG V35 ThinQ vs LG V30: Software 

  • Both have Android Oreo and Google Assistant

When it comes to the software experience, we're not expecting much of a difference. Both devices should be running Android Oreo, with many V30 users getting Oreo with the ThinQ additions earlier in 2018.

LG highlights that the V35 will have access to Google Lens, although we know that's generally rolling out to a wide number of Android phones. Generally speaking, we’re not expecting any difference in the software experience, except the V35 should be faster. 

LG V35 ThinQ vs LG V30: Conclusions

  • LG V35 ThinQ is more powerful and could have a better camera 

If you thinking of getting an LG V series, then the V35 ThinQ is certainly the model to buy now - if you can get it. It's launching in the US, before spreading across Asia, Middle East and Africa, but there's no word on it coming to Europe. 

Compared to the original, you get that same great design, a slim glass package that's now as powerful as recently-launched flagship models. The camera gets a boost to give the same experience as the new LG G7, promising better low light performance and cleaner wide-angle photos.

Sure, you might be able to get the other models for cheaper, so if you see a discounted LG V30S ThinQ, you might want to go for it. But also consider - while this is a boosted V30 spin, there's rumours of a V40 launching late in 2018.