Best iPhone 12 cases 2021: Protect your new, flat iOS smartphone

A superb in-house case from Apple.

(image credit: Apple)

A great clear case. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

For a clear case with MagSafe this is a great bet.

(image credit: Apple)

A superb case that uses MagSafe cannily. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

Great for grippiness and protection. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

A great minimalist case. 

(image credit: Spigen)

Get good protection with this simple case. 

(image credit: Tech21)

A great, protective case. 

(image credit: Otterbox)

A great case for those seeking simplicity. 

(image credit: Moshi)

Attractive protection for your iPhone.

(image credit: Cyrill)

Superb drop protection makes this a brilliant case.

(image credit: Mous)

If you drop your phone a lot this could be perfect.

(image credit: Presidio)

A luxury case with superb materials and a unique design.

(image credit: Greenwich)