Best iPhone SE cases 2021: Protect your Touch ID iPhone

Sometimes it's best to stick in-house, and Apple's case is really high-quality.

(image credit: Apple)

If leather is the one for you, this case is about as premium as they come.

(image credit: Amazon)

A classy, sleek but protective case that has a great look and feel.

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

Caseology's options are nice, striking alternatives to more mainstream picks.

(image credit: Caseology)

Gear4's case is jazzy and eye-catching in all the right ways, while maintaining great protection.

(image credit: Gear4)

We love the look and feel of Mous' premium cases.

(image credit: Mous)

Otterbox's reputation for brilliant protection precedes it, and rightly so.

(image credit: Otterbox)

There's nothing like real leather to show off how much you value your phone.

(image credit: Snakehive)

The grip offered by Speck's case is second to none, and we love how it feels in the hand.

(image credit: Speck)

A great, modular case that lets you choose what protection you want. 

(image credit: RhinoShield)

Tech21 has consistently made great cases for Apple's phones, and this is no different.

(image credit: Tech21)

If you want to show off your personality alongside your phone then Ted Baker has some interesting options.

(image credit: Proporta)

Protection might be your top priority, in which case there's nothing quite like a UAG case.

(image credit: UAG)