(Pocket-lint) - Apple's latest iPhones will be available from Friday, bringing with them a host of new features like 3D Touch and 4K video recording. But while the two smartphones might offer the same specs on paper, are the experiences different? And is one better over the other?

We've now lived with both devices for the last 10 days, so to help you decide which is worth your money we're pitching them head to head. Should you choose the iPhone 6S Plus or is the iPhone 6S going to be your next iPhone?

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The sizes of both the new devices are roughly the same as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively, although both are a fraction larger than before (not that you'll notice). The weight in both though has increased, more so in the iPhone 6S Plus and you are likely to notice that.

And compared to each other the 6S Plus is significantly bigger and heavier than the iPhone 6S.

This makes it a much more considered choice and not something we would recommend you use while hanging one-handed on a train trying to check your emails before dashing down the platform to your next appointment.

The 6S Plus is very much "a two handed device", while the iPhone 6S is "a one handed check on the go" phone.

The other consideration to factor-in is pocket space. The iPhone 6S Plus will barely fit in most jeans, and certainly won't fit in any of your running gear.

Deciding what kind of person you are will determine which device is better for you. For the kind of lifestyle we live, we prefer the iPhone 6S. The 6S Plus is just too big for our wardrobe.  



The iPhone 6S Plus sports a 5.5-inch (1920 x 1080 resolution) Retina display, while the 6S comes with a 1336 x 750 resolution 4.7-inch Retina display.

Both screens are crisp, although you really get to benefit from the extra real estate the 6S Plus delivers when it comes to watching movies, YouTube clips or playing games.

The extra screen space also comes in handy when typing, as iOS 9 on the 6S Plus gives you extra shortcuts. Furthermore, the 6S Plus gets other user interface features like landscape homepage icon view and other options in certain apps. The 6S Plus doesn’t however give you the multi-app screen layout features found on the iPad with iOS 9.

Of the two, the 6S Plus screen is lovely if you are going to be consuming lots of data away from your iPad or your laptop.

Performance and camera

Both come with the same A9 processor, camera sensor, 3D Touch, Hey Siri voice activation, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. That delivers a very similar if not equal experience in terms of performance.

The only difference between the two is that the iPhone 6S Plus comes with optical image stabilisation for both stills and video, as well as a bigger battery. The optical image stabilisation does make a difference, pictures are a touch less blurry, however the iPhone 6S camera is still very good. 

Whichever one you opt for, in our tests we've come to realise that both are powerful enough to do whatever the job you're asking it to do.  


Battery life

The iPhone 6S Plus wipes the floor with the iPhone 6S on the battery stakes. According to Apple you'll get 24 hours of 3G talktime on the 6S Plus compared to 14 hours for the 6S. And it also claims 16 days compared to 10 days on standby respectively.

Those figures also play out in real life. With Apple's new Low Power Mode, the 6S Plus will easily get you through the night and onto tomorrow.

If battery is your main driver, the decision is a no-brainer. Go iPhone 6S Plus.

Summing up

Both iPhones are very good and both deliver what they set out to do. The iPhone 6S Plus is a great smartphone that will service those that are more likely to chuck their phone in a bag in between using it, rather than a pocket.

If you find yourself sitting on the train a lot, or taking lots of pictures you'll really enjoy the extra screen size and OIS in the camera.

However, if you are an on the move kind of person, one that is accessing multiple screens in various locations all the time, we'd recommend the iPhone 6S. It is big enough to see what you are doing, but also small enough to still slip in your pocket without being noticed.

Whichever you choose, if you've decided to go Apple or are simply upgrading, you won't be disappointed by either.

Writing by Stuart Miles.