Men, why not keep your two most important devices side-by-side with the Scottevest Travel Boxers?

In what is quite possibly the best and worst (at the same time) idea for an iPhone accessory yet, chaps now have the option of storing their iPhones inside their underpants, via a specially designed pocket.

"Keep it in your shorts", said Scottvest Travel Clothing CEO and founder Scott Jordan. "Your iPhone, that is. Like a lot of guys, I sleep with my iPhone on the nightstand. But in between using the phone as a nightlight to find the bathroom, making coffee in the morning and checking my email, there was no place to put my phone".

The pocket isn't fanboy-specific either, it fits not only an iPhone but a Droid 2 as well, or other device up to 2.5 x 5-inches.

It's made of quick-drying, moisture-wicking Nylon with Lycra and has an anti-microbial odor and stain resistant Aegis treatment.

We think that the boxers are awesome, and we want a pair. Actually, did scientists ever deny that link between testicular cancer and mobile phones?

We think we'll hold off our order until we've done some serious Googling.

The Scottevest Travel Boxers are $20 each, or $45 for free and are available now.