It seems like everyone has a little circular grip attached to the back of their phone.

These are called PopSockets, and they've exploded in popularity over the past year or two in both the US and the UK. The maker of PopSockets was the second-fastest growing US company in 2018, according to Inc, and it has sold over 100 million of those cheap, door knob-shaped gadgets.

It's a simple enough idea: The Original PopSocket sticks flat to your phone, and then it can be popped out whenever you need it. They are best used as a grip for when you want to take the perfect selfie, or as a stand for when you want to read or watch something, hands-free. Part of the appeal, too, is the endless custom choices they offer, and that has grown even more in the past year, thanks to the Swappable PopSocket, which allows to keep the same mount and yet instantly change the top designs based on your mood or outfit.

We've compiled a list of the coolest patterns currently available. Of course, if nothing on our list catches your eye, then check out the create your own section of the PopSocket site.

Best PopSocket designs

PopSocketGallery image 13

Ghost Marble

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The ghost marble design is a non-swappable design and would look great with a black case.

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A pretty-looking opal PopSocket that's non-swappable and can be used to accent your jewelry

PopSocketGallery image 10

All Black

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Here's a classic, all-black, non-swappable design.

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Peace Mandala

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This Peace Mandala PopSocket is a great swappable choice for the hippies and yoga enthusiast in our lives.

PopSocketGallery image 6

All White

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Another classic All-White swappable pop top design. It will be perfect for those with an all-white case or phone.

PopSocketGallery image 7

Death Star

• PopSocket US | PopSocket UK

Ever wish you had the power to destroy Alderaan in you hand? Here ya go. This is an original pop grip that's not swappable.

PopSocketGallery image 8

Vinyl Record

• PopSocket UK

This record design is swappable and ideal for the music lovers out there.

PopSocketGallery image 3


• View offer on Amazon US | Amazon UK (Similar)

The Nebula designer is for people who'd rather look up at the stars than down at their phones. It is also swappable.

PopSocketGallery image 2

Mermaid Scales

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A great swappable choice for big fans of The Little Mermaid and avid fishers alike.

PopSocketGallery image 14

Sparkle Party

• PopSocket US

Who doesn't love a good sparkle party? This design features the swappable pop top, too.

PopSocketGallery image 11


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This one is glittery and pink. It's also got the swappable pop top. What's not to love?

PopSocketGallery image 15


• PopSocket US | PopSocket UK

A basketball for the hoop lovers. PopSocket also offers football and baseball PopSockets. They're swappable, too, so you can switch them for whatever season you're in at the moment.

PopSocketGallery image 20

Sports teams (The Patriots)

• PopSocket US

PopSocket offers most American sports teams (Go Pats). Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for leagues outside of the US. These sports teams designs are all original pop grips that can't be switched out.

PopSocketGallery image 17

Saffiano Rose Gold

• PopSocket US | PopSocket UK

This PopSocket is made from premium vegan leather. It has a swappable pop top. If you love the vegan leather, then be sure to check out the other colours.

PopSocketGallery image 9


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This is a cool, trippy design that resembles some of the marble patterns. It's also available in the swappable pop top.

PopSocketGallery image 12

Palm Trees

• PopSockets US | PopSockets UK

Nothing like some palm trees to help you through winter, and its swappable, so it can be changed whenever you want.

PopSocketGallery image 18


• PopSockets US | PopSockets UK

This PopSocket has a nice tie-dye like design that features the swappable pop top.

PopSocketGallery image 19

Golden Silence

• PopSocket US | PopSocket UK

This beautiful mandala looks great set against a black phone case and features the swappable pop top.

PopSocketGallery image 5


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This cool design is great for surfers and beach lovers. It's an original pop top, so no swapping with this one.

PopSocketGallery image 16

Space Grey Aluminium

• PopSocket US | PopSocket UK

This design is part of PopSocket's metallic lineup of pop tops. It's also swappable.