Best iPhone XR cases 2022: Protect your Apple device

Go classic and simple with this official clear case from Apple.

(image credit: Apple)

If you're a battery-guzzler you might want to opt for Apple's Smart Battery Case, giving you a welcome boost to battery life.

(image credit: Apple)

Moshi's straps and hardy designs make for great cases that will protect your phone as needed.

(image credit: Moshi)

WIth a subtle, reflective look, Gear4's case is an affordable, good-value option.

(image credit: Gear4)

There's nothing like having unique material in your phone case, and Mous is a specialist in this regard.

(image credit: Mous)

Snakehive's folio cases are attractive and come in a range of colours, from muted to striking.

(image credit: Snakehive)

Extremely reasonable prices and smart features make Speck's cases serious options.

(image credit: Speck)

This translucent case is protective, but also gives a fun shimmer effect to your phone.

(image credit: Tech21)

Serious protection might be your priority. UAG's rugged cases will keep your XR secure even if you're putting it through the ringer.

(image credit: Urban Armor Gear)

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