Best wireless chargers 2021 for iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo and more

Belkin's another specialist in phone accessories, and its BoostUp charging stand is another success.

(image credit: Belkin)

Anker's back with the PowerWave Pad, another super solid choice for the category.

(image credit: Anker)

A super speed pad from SanDisk featuring 15W charging. 

(image credit: SanDisk)

A very fine-looking charging stand that supports up to 15W.

(image credit: Moshi)

A really impressive charger - arguably the gold standard for a desk charger.

(image credit: Twelve South)

A great pad that has 15W charging on board. 

(image credit: Belkin)

A great charger if you've got an iPhone 12 of any type.

(image credit: Apple)

Mophie's non-slip pad is a great alternative.

(image credit: Mophie)

A great choice if you want a dock for your desk, too. 

(image credit: Moshi)

This is a smart idea, well-executed.

(image credit: Pure)