(Pocket-lint) - One of the best changes sweeping through flagship smartphones in the last couple of years has been the advent of wireless charging, letting you juice up your phone without needing to plug it in. If you've got a phone with wireless charging, then we've collected all the best wireless chargers together in one place just for you. 

Like most other wireless charging phones, the Samsung Galaxy series, Huawei Mate and P Series and latest iPhone models use the standard Qi charging technology supported by all the chargers on this page.

We've opted for chargers able to charge your phone at 7.5 or 10W - be warned that cheaper 5W chargers will charge your phone more slowly. 

Our guide to the best wireless chargers available today


Belkin BoostUp 10W Charging Stand


Available in black and white, Belkin's 10W charging stand is actually the charger we use every day with our iPhone 11 - it's a reliable charger with a long 1.5-metre lead that stretches across a desk easily. Not to your taste? Check out Belkin's more standard-looking wireless charging pad below. There's a three-year warranty, too.


Moshi Lounge Q


Moshi's charging pad supports up to 15W wireless charging depending on your phone model and can detect foreign metal objects placed on the pad (like keys) for added safety. We like it because of its slightly more lifestyle design and fabric finish inspired by Danish furniture design. It's definitely one of the more living room-friendly pads.

The Lounge Q comes with a USB-C charging cable which is forward-looking, but you'll need to have your own fast charge power adapter (or a laptop's USB-C port to plug it into). It supports phone cases up to 5mm in thickness. 


Apple MagSafe Charger


Apple new entry into wireless charging has a unique way of working - it has magnets that attach it smoothly and reliably to your iPhone 12. Of course, if you have another phone then it's not quite so simple, although it may well magnetize to others as well.

For non-iPhone users, it won't be that sensible a choice. If you've got Apple's latest, though, this is the easiest way to charge it you'll get your hands on anywhere. 


Spigen ArcField Charging Pad

If you want an alternative to Apple's own MagSafe charger, Spigen is one of the first on the scene, with the ArcField. It's really similar to the official charger, but you can get it in black which will appeal to many. 

We've been really impressed by its solid build quality. If you've got an iPhone 12 of any size this is a great choice. 


Anker PowerWave Pad


For those who want a surface to lie their phone on rather than an angled stand, this is a circular pad that you set your phone down on. The entire surface is coated in a fairly grippy finish to ensure that even glossy phones won't slide off. It has the same power delivery and cooling to keep it charging quickly.


Belkin Boost Charge


Belkin brings the power in the form of its Boost Charge pad, which can manage 15W charging if your phone supports it (and many flagships now do).

It's a simple flat disc, with handy rubber gripping points to stop your phone from slipping about or failing to charge during the night. It can also charge through cases up to 3mm thick, which makes it nice and adaptable. 


Belkin BoostUp - 7.5W or 10W


The less-powerful Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad is also round and flat, with its own grippy rubber ring in the centre, again to ensure you slippery glass phone doesn't fall off. It can also charge through cases up to 3mm thick, and supports 7.5W faster charging for devices that support it. There's also a newer version of this pad for 10W charging.

Twelve South

Twelve South HiRise Wireless


This is one of the more premium chargers on our list, and its build quality oozes solidity and class. The materials are great and its 10W charging is nice and fast even through cases. Plus, you can actually pop out the charging disc from the stand so that if you want to charge wirelessly with a smaller pad while travelling, you can take it with you. 

If you want a classy stand-style charger for your desk or bedside table, this Twelve South charger is about as good as they get - it's what we use by our own bed. 


Mophie Wireless Charging Base


Mophie is the undisputed champion of battery covers, and it's now launched a wireless charging base, imaginatively called the Mophie Wireless Charging Base. It's a compact round device with non-slip rubber finish to ensure your shiny phone doesn't just slide off into oblivion whenever you place it down on the charger.


Moshi Symbus Q Compact USB-C dock


Taking the premise of the Otto Q a stage further, the Symbus Q boasts 10W wireless charging on top but changes things up significantly with a USB-C cable enabling a single connection to a Mac or PC for display (there's HDMI), network and USB - there's two USB-A ports on the front. Sadly there's no extra USB-C port, but otherwise, this is a super choice as an all-purpose desk dock.


Pure Siesta Charge


Yes, it's an alarm clock! But it's actually a super clever idea and an awesome device to have in your home. Simply put your Qi-compatible phone on top and it'll charge up overnight. What's more, the Siesta Charge is a DAB+ and FM radio with three alarms (all with daily or single-use options) various radio presets, a Bluetooth speaker and there's even a USB port on the back so you can charge other devices like your Apple Watch or a music player (yes, people still have those). It's available in graphite and polar.

Writing by Dan Grabham and Cam Bunton. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.