Just because you want a cheap smartphone doesn't mean you have to compromise on features.

There are plenty of bargain budget phones under £200 - often so good that it seems bizarre that a flagship phone costs at least three times as much. 

Budget phones might not have the sharpest displays, or the most seamless metal designs, but a cheaper smartphone can still be good looking, offer decent specs, a good battery life and a solid performance while saving your pennies at the same time.

Who can argue with that? Here's our guide to the best budget phones around. 

For this feature, we're specifically looking at phones under £200. 

If you have a little more cash to spend on a smartphone than that, then check out our best sub-£400 smartphone, or our big best smartphones feature that includes devices in all price ranges. For those that are on a budget though, this is right place for you.

Whether you are after an impulse replacement or you just can't bear the thought of spending the best part of £700 or more on a device that lets you ring people (among a few other things) here are the best budget phones available to buy today for under £200.

Here's our choice for the best all-round Android budget handset on the market at the moment...

Pocket-lintmoto g5 review image 1


Motorola returns yet again, this time with the fifth generation of the popular Moto G, appropriately named the Moto G5 - although we're expecting the Moto G6 to arrive mega soon. It offers a sturdy metal design that looks good for this price point, along with a great fingerprint scanner with effective gesture control options. 

The Moto G5 delivers a clean software experience, microSD expansion and although its more expensive brother, the G5 Plus, performs better, it offers fairly knockout performance for the money. 

If price is everything to you, then there's nothing else on the market that will offer such a breadth of features and performance. Don't expect a flagship phone by any means, but the G5 is royalty among affordable phones.

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The Motorola Moto G5 might not be for everyone but there are plenty of other great budget Android smartphones. Here are the ones that you should also consider:

Pocket-lintVodafone Smart V8 hardware image 1


The Vodafone Smart V8 might be tied into the Vodafone network but it offers a very impressive design for the price, a Full HD display, a good enough camera and an all-day battery life with quick charging times.

It can be a little sluggish at times and the pre-installed Vodafone apps can get in the way, but overall, the Smart V8 is a very accomplished device for its asking price.

 Simply put, if £160 is right at the top of your budget and you're happy to be tied into Vodafone, you'll not find better than the Smart V8, or anything that's closer to being an all-round great device.

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Pocket-lintHonor 6A review image 1


The Honor 6A isn't the flashiest Honor on the market, but based on our first impressions, it seems like a solid effort in the £150 phone category. Its metal build, neat design and operation are all plus points.

There's no fingerprint scanner on board and it has some stiff competition from the likes of the Moto G and especially Vodafone's Smart V8 device in terms of specs, but the Honor 6A does very little wrong.

It might not have a must-buy feature but the Honor 6A would make a savvy out-and-out purchase for someone who doesn't want all the bells & whistles and, of course, associated costs of a higher-end smartphone.

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Pocket-lintlenovo p2 review image 1
The Lenovo P2 offers a slim design considering its huge battery life. It doesn't have the best camera on the market and the combination of metal and plastic don't offer the most seamless finish, but this device has unrivalled battery life. 
If your primary objective is a phone that lasts seemingly forever on one charge, then look no further.

The P2 is also plenty capable in terms of gaming and all the usual daily tasks and apps. There are some minor quibbles, such as an occasionally oversaturated screen and long load times every now and then, but nothing else in the mainstream market comes close to the two-plus days that this Lenovo offers.

The Lenovo P2 is the big battery boss.

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Pocket-lintNokia 6 image 1


The Nokia 6 offers a great design and build quality for its price, along with a large display with a fingerprint sensor.

It's a little pricier than its competition, its battery life isn't amazing and it has a slightly sluggish performance, but it does deliver great speaker sound quality.

If design is important, then there's quality in the Nokia 6 that few rivals offer at this price point, plus that big display. At the same time, if you have budget concerns, then the Moto G5 is more wallet-friendly, while the Lenovo P2 is a longer-lasting proposition.

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Nokia returned to the smartphone market at the beginning of 2017 with a trio of devices, the Nokia 3 at the bottom, the Nokia 5 in the middle and the Nokia 6 sitting a little higher. And, although other Nokias have since appeared, this trio is still what's important at this price point.

The Nokia 5 is a fully-fledged Android smartphone with a full-metal body at bargain basement prices.

It's not as good looking as the Nokia 6 but it's an impressive, solid phone for the asking price. On the hardware front, things dip a little low but it runs pure Android software meaning no bloatware, which for some will be a real selling point.

As we haven't yet reviewed this device in full, we can't tell you how it performs on a day-to-day basis but we will update this feature when we have.

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