So you've got yourself a shiny new BlackBerry Q10 and you want to accessorise it. Which is the best BlackBerry Q10 case? What about prolonging the battery life? Fear not, we've got you covered for the best accessories for your BlackBerry Q10.

The BlackBerry Q10 is the new Qwerty keyboard king, the ideal upgrade for your aging BlackBerry Bold. It makes for a great messenger device as those keys will really let you fly and we'd choose it over the BlackBerry Z10, as we say in our full review.

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But now you've got it in your hand, let's get started with accessorising the latest BB.


The BlackBerry is no stranger to a case and even though the back is finished in a lovely woven glass fibre, you'll want to keep it protected. As the BB Q10 is brand new there isn't a huge selection, but we're sure every shop will soon have a complete range. Here's some that caught our eye.

Official BlackBerry cases

BlackBerry has always been good with making official accessories and the most obvious option is the BlackBerry Leather Pocket (£25). This classic style of case has been available for BlackBerrys since the dawn of smartphones.

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Cleverly it will turn off the display as soon as you slip it into the case to save power and stop you draining the battery. We've got one in the office and we love the simplicity and quality of this case, as well as the smell of new leather.

There's a leather flip shell (£29.99) too if you'd rather have something that's permanently attached, as well as hard and soft shells (£14.99) from BlackBerry. Then there's the classic holster case (£29.99), de rigueur for the BB user on the move. Almost.

Incipio BlackBerry Q10 cases

Incipio offers a range of different case types, including some designed to protect your BB from drops and impact. There's a selection of aluminium finished cases, like the DualPro Shine (about £30), a hard case designed to protect your device.

There's a range of other options too, like the Feather, as an alternative to BB's official shells, with a range of colour options, if you want want to brighten it up.

Proporta BlackBerry Q10 Leather Pouch

If you like the pouch style, but don't want to take the official BlackBerry case, then Proporta has a leather pouch of its own.

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Finished in leather, the Proporta case has an aluminium lining for protection and a pinstriped interior so it will match your snappy business suit. It can be yours for £29.95.

Batteries and memory cards

As you can pull the back off the BlackBerry Q10, you can access the battery inside, so you can switch it out on busy days.

You can buy a new battery for the BlackBerry Q10 for around £20, but before you do, think about getting the BlackBerry Battery Charge Bundle (£25) instead.

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This neat battery caddy comes with a spare battery and can be plugged into your charger to power it up, while also featuring a Micro-USB connection so it can top-up your BlackBerry Q10, rather than doing the complete battery swap.

The BlackBerry Q10 will let you expand the storage over the internal 16GB. You may well just shift your existing microSD card over to your new phone, along with all your photos and music, but if not, now's the time to grab a new card.

The SanDisk 32GB Ultra microSDHC will probably be your first port of call and you can get one for just £20 on Amazon. It comes with a full-sized adapter, so it's easy to add or remove content using your PC.


The bundled BlackBerry headphones aren't the best. They're pretty uncomfortable and the performance isn't great, even if we like the in-line control and the flattened cables. But with BlackBerry World offering you music, you'll want to indulge and use better headphones for a better experience. The world is really your oyster here, although there aren't many headphones designed specifically for BlackBerry. Many iPhone, Android and Bluetooth headsets will work just fine however.

Bowers & Wilkins P3

We love the B&W P3 headphones and you can colour match them in black or white to your BlackBerry Q10. The performance of these headphones is really good which you'd expect for the £170 asking price.

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They come with a case for protection on your travels and have replaceable cables in case you do have an unfortunate accident with them, and they're comfortable when worn for long periods, which is why they get our vote.

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

If you're after a set of in-ear headphones, then the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts offer a great bassy performance with plenty of punch.

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As with other Atomic Floyd headphones, they have a premium metal body, as well as in-line controls. They're designed for Apple devices, so there may be some control issues, but they sound great. Worth trying before you part with your cash though, just to ensure you get the controls you want.

Are there any other accessories you'd recommend? Let us know in the comments below.