The HTC One is a very nicely put together piece of kit. It's one of those phones you really don’t want to drop.

The brushed-aluminium shell is tough, but it likes to ding, dent and scratch more than most, so investing in a proper case is no bad idea. But why stop there? The HTC One is a popular handset and has all sorts of great accessories you can pick up for it.


HTC One Double Dip hard shell and flip cover

These are some of our favourite phone cases for the HTC One. Put together by HTC itself for the handset, rather than detracting from its good looks, they add to it.

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Both cases have a split red and black colour scheme which looks the bee's knees. With the hard shell, the whole phone, including screen, is protected. The flip cover keeps the screen safe in your pocket and then folds back, turning the handset into a stand when you want it. Price: Double Dip Hard Shell £17.99, Double Dip Flip Case: £24.99

Otterbox HTC One Commuter and Defender cases

Otterbox is known for making ultra-tough phone cases, so you can carry your smartphone about even in the most extreme of situations. Its flagship product, the Defender, has been saving handsets from drops for several years now.

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With the HTC One, things shouldn’t be any different. It combines screen protection with a silicone inner layer and a hard outer layer to keep the whole handset wrapped up as safe as you could want it. The Commuter is for those who want a bit of added security, but not all the extra bulk that the Defender case brings. It still features all the inner and outer layer protection as well as a screen cover, but just isn’t quite as hardy. Price: Commuter £29.95, Defender £34.95

Speck cases

Speck has a wide range of accessories for the HTC One: the Gemshell, Smartflex view, Candyshell and Candyshell grip. They break down rather simply, each falling into their own distinct case category.

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The Gemshell is see-through, so you can still enjoy the looks of your HTC One. The Smartflex view features a stand and the Candyshell is just a case. The Candyshell grip is easier to hold. Price: Candyshell £29, Gemshell £25, Smartflex £30

Incipio cases

Incipio has a choice of cases for the HTC One. Some are the same shape but use different materials; the DualPro and DualPro CF, for example. The latter uses carbon fibre.

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The highlight of the Incipio range is the Feather, which is incredibly thin and does little to add weight to the phone. Just don’t expect it to keep the front of the phone that protected. Price: DualPro £22, Feather £17


HTC stereo and HTC Bluetooth stereo headphones

HTC’s own offering matches the brushed-aluminium looks of the HTC One. The stereo headphones feature soft earbuds and a clever flat anti-tangle cable with three-button volume control.

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The HTC Bluetooth stereo headphones are slightly different. The have a cable attached to a small box, roughly the size of an iPod shuffle. That box features audio controls and is designed to bring superior Bluetooth 3.0 quality sound without the need for a straight line to your handset. Price: HTC Bluetooth headphones £44, Wired headset £29

Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H6

Keeping up the brushed aluminium theme is the BeoPlay H6. They carry the usual price premium of B&O products, but look just as good as your HTC One.

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The light tan leather with brushed-aluminium inserts on each headphone match really well with the light silver HTC One. The dark metal version matches the darker HTC One nicely as well. Price: £329

Atomic Floyd Superdarts

The Atomic Floyd Superdarts are some of our favourite in-ear headphones. They sound fantastic and have a bomb-proof build quality that means we have no qualms leaving them sitting in our pocket or in a handbag.

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The sound you get from the Superdarts is both bass and treble heavy, emphasised even further by the included Beats audio technology with the HTC One. The result is audio that is perfectly suited to noisy train journeys but not necessarily great for using at home. Price: £199


Bose SoundLink

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth wireless speaker is small and compact, designed to be transported around and used whenever you fancy beefing up the audio from your smartphone.

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We especially like the choice of leather and Nylon covers you can fit to the SoundLink. Despite its 70s transistor radio design not quite matching the modern edge of the HTC One, it definitely carries the same style kudos. Price: £299

Pure Sensia 200D

Pure’s Sensia 200D is designed with audio streaming in mind. It uses the Pure Connect app on Android to receive wireless audio, which is completely lossless - much like Apple's AirPlay technology. Also included is a USB port on the back which will charge your HTC One.

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The front of the Sensia 200D features a large 5.7-inch screen from which you can control all its other functions, including radio and the Pure Music store. Again, it's the stylish exterior that invokes compatibility with the sleek lines of the HTC One. Price: £180