Not being able to resist the lure, Mr Potato Head has turned to the Dark Side to become Darth Tater. The kit comes complete with mask, arm with lightsabre and flowing cloak.

The wacky plastic potato comes with a plethora of Darth Vader accessories, including helmet, nose, cape, shoes, teeth, face-plate, tongue, eyes, ears, arms and lightsaber.

Fans of the original will be pleased to see that you can still put a smile on his face with the included grin and when you're finished, cram everything in his backside for safe keeping.

Of course buying your favourite potato as a super-villain does have its drawbacks. The main ones are that you don't get a moustache or a bright blue pair of trainers in the box. The biggest disadvantage is that not all the gear, especially the lightsabre and the Vader face-plate, won't fit inside the potato (trust us we tried).


If you really are that much of a fan of both Mr Potato Head and Darth Vader you can't really go wrong here. That said at £9.95 even if you do go wrong, and end up throwing it in the bin or giving it to a random child for Christmas you can say you had fun while the final instalment was out. Good for cluttering up the desk next to that dirty troll and the McDonalds happy meal toy, but it'll need a good two decades like the toy ET to go up in value if you're looking at collecting.