The company behind Sphero has launched an update, Sphero 2B, that ditches the ball design in favour of two wheels that let the Bluetooth remote-controlled toy travel at speeds of up to 10mph.

Launched at CES in Las Vegas, the new device will work with more than 25 Sphero apps, and is now a lot easier to handle, thanks to its more traditional control approach.

It will cost $100 in the US when it launches in time for Christmas and, like Sphero, the Sphero 2B works by connecting to your iPhone or Android smartphone and comes with around an hour of battery life.

Failing Bluetooth, the Sphero 2B will have an IR receiver, allowing you to play head to head with other Sphero 2B owners, as well as swappable tyres so you'll be able to go even faster come race day.

In the flesh, it's clear to see that the new Sphero 2B is much more fun to control and play with. Controls seem a lot easier to master than the original Sphero, and the speed with which the new model can move is impressive - probably faster than you can run.

Standard remote-control cars, consider yourself on notice.