Scalextric Quick Build Demolition Derby Set: that's the Scalextric set your kids are going to most want later in the year, so make a note of it now so you are prepared.

Launched at the London Toy Fair this week, the Scalextric Quick Build set will, says Hornby: "Introduce a younger fan to the Scalextric brand with its new push-fit construction concept, allowing racers to build their own Scalextric car." 

Coming with two cars to start with, the set allows you to build, race, and then destroy your creations - it's where the demolition derby element comes in, around a 5m-long figure of eight course.

Players will be able to customise their car with clip-on wheels, decal sheets and mix-and-match parts and  as Pocket-lint found out at the Toy Fair - with Lego too. Yep, that's right, the system is compatible with standard Lego pieces. Aces.

The set costs £99.