(Pocket-lint) - Angry Birds On Thin Ice is a new board game of the popular mobile game that you've no doubt have installed on your phone.

Not being able to resist an afternoon skipping work, we quickly got to play, erhem, we mean work testing it to see whether you should bother.


Created by Mattel, the idea is that you take turns to build structures for the pigs based on the diagrams on the cards and then knock them down again.

The first one to get to 1000 points wins the game, and players can opt to go easy and take their time by choosing easy to build and easy to destroy levels (100 points), or go for the glory with more challenging builds (300 points).


In the box you get a number of well made pieces to build the pigs' bases; three pigs, two construction hats for said pigs, the red and yellow bird and pretend planks of wood and glass. There is also a catapult, of course.

In play, and as you can imagine, things move a lot slower than in the mobile phone game version, although it is great fun building the structures only to know they will be smashed down 10 seconds later.

Designed for kids 5+, we haven't been able to get our little ones away from it.


If you want the full the fun of Angry Birds, but don't like the idea of letting your kids play constantly on your phone or iPad, this will certainly suffice. However at £20 you might struggle to justify it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.