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(Pocket-lint) - We all have a soft spot for Lego don't we? Well what about the chance to build a motorised bulldozer that you can run with a remote control? We get building to find out whether you should bother.

Coming in one of those massive Lego boxes that makes you feel you are picking the real thing instead of just a model, the finished design might not be as big as one of the mega vehicles it replicates, but it is still big, oh, and bright yellow.

The new model, which costs £99.99 and more geared towards dads rather than your average 10-year-old, will come with a remote control unit with infrared receiver to control the included four individual motors.

Those four motors run the two tracks for movement backwards, forwards left and right (it can turn on a six pence 360 degrees), the scoop at the front and the fork at the back.

With all that power, just like the real thing, you'll need to get ready with plenty power. The motor units battery hub takes six AA batteries in total and the remote a further three AAA batteries just for good measure. So far we haven't run out of juice even though we've been playing with it a lot.

Build time is around 4 hours, although we are sure hardcore Lego fans could do it quicker. Instructions are simple to follow through although we did find at times repetitive, as you have to do most things twice, most things twice.

Of course as with all Lego, building from the instructions is just the start and there is plenty of opportunities with the motors to create something completely different like a dinosaur.


At £99, it might be a tad on the expensive side, but there is plenty to entertain young and old kids alike.

We built the digger in one sitting, however there is nothing to say that you couldn't take longer. The number of pieces in the box (there has got to be near on a thousand), means that there is plenty of room for imagination as long as you've got the time to build.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 17 September 2007.