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(Pocket-lint) - So you're looking for a challenge are you? Well you might just have come to the right place when it comes to the Enzo Ferrari 1:10 scale Lego set.

The authentic, detailed replica of the famous red sports car is the latest branded merchandise to come out of the Ferrari Lego deal, and although it seems Ferrari's name is everywhere these days, the building of a working sports car works well for Lego.

Over 1300 pieces, 76 different sets of instructions and five hours later and you can expect to have yourself your very own 18in long, 9in wide Ferrari Enzo complete with the V12 engine with moving parts, opening doors and workable rack and pinion steering to drive around the living room, albeit one made from Lego.

There is no doubt about it, it's a mammoth build and anyone hoping to buy this as an excuse to get some buddy time with their kids will be pleased to note that it will last a good couple of evenings.

It took us just under 5 hours to build the set without distraction or interruption. Because of the sheer amount of pieces involved, Lego has broken down the collection into nine bags, and the instruction booklet sets out which bags you will need to build the task ahead.

In the bags is everything you need and this certainly saves having to sift through a mountain of Lego for half an hour to find that all important piece.

The majority of the Lego is Technic-based and if you are planning on building it with children you should bear this in mind.

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The thick instruction manual is very straightforward and offers you 1:1 scale diagrams of some of the pieces so you can measure against it rather than having to count (great for when the piece involved is 15 holes long). It would have been nice if the manual had been in spilt into several sections so two people could work on different parts of the car at the same time. As it was we had to either share the page (virtually impossible) or tear the pages out of the next section.

To recap

Superb detailing, this is one Lego set that warrants a Ferrari badge

Writing by Stuart Miles.