Lego’s for boys isn’t it? Seeing that girls might possibly like building things to (they really do you know) Lego has introduced a new range called CLIKITS. Designed around make-up boxes and stationery - well what else are we girls supposed to like - it’s actually quite fun and snazzy.

The two sets we tested were a stationery set and a jewellery set and the main elements of each are pencil cases, pen pots and jewellery boxes and you can decorate to your hearts content with petals, stars and other brightly coloured shapes.

For the ultra-keen seven year-old, there is the option of making jewellery (well you have to put something in your jewellery box) for showing off with the girls although unless you are one of those retro chicks I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone over nine at the oldest.

Because the system is completely new, the downside is that you can’t mix it in with any other Lego sets or designs, however there are enough variations of the set and accompanying joining bits to allow you to create boxes, notice boards and picture frames among other things.


While the options aren't as endless as proper Lego, it is nice to see that the chaps at Lego are looking to other markets to fuel our building needs. Will we be building a fast car or a spaceship with this set? Of course not, but then if we wanted to do that we'd don the jeans, tie our hair back and muck in with the boys and that big pile of Lego they always seem to have.