The Lego Group is at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair and has given Pocket-lint a close look at The Simpsons House set that launched earlier this month.

The Simpsons House set, available for $199/£179, lets fans build the Simpsons' familiar Springfield home with a detachable roof, modular design, car and the famous family couch included. You'll also find Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Flanders, along with props such as Bart's comics.

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We thought the entire set looked mammoth and extremely intricate. It has more than 2,000 pieces after all. The mini figures are made of hard plastic, and the interior is colourful and detailed.The furniture is removable and each room is tiled. It's a unique set that is likely to suit the tastes of serious builders, while the numerous and fun pieces will also probably appeal to kids.

Lego pointed out that the pink family car has that iconic dent from the series. It seems Lego didn't miss a thing; there is not one flaw to this set (unless you include the price). The Simpsons House is definitely a great collectors' item that will also give you hundreds of hours of play time.

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