Lego fans listen up. A company called Smallworks has created a Lego brick compatible iPhone case which allows you to build and customise your Apple phone case using Lego bricks.

It's been available for some time in an array of colours for $24.99, and now the company has announced a new glow in the dark version at CES in Las Vegas. And it tells Pocket-lint that it's planning an iPad mini and iPod touch version for those who really want to go to town.

As you can see from the pictures, the cases are compatible with standard Lego bricks, allowing you to turn your phone into a spaceship, dinosaur or anything you can imagine.

The system will also work with Hasbro's brick system, for those going rogue, and the glow in the dark model will glow for 12 hours - radioactive. 

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Smallworks has told Pocket-lint it will ship internationally from its website and is looking at bringing the cases to in the near future.