LeapFrog has announced a new updated and improved version of the LeapFrog LeapsterGS handheld games console and we've had a couple of plays with the new gaming device at different events in London ahead of its official launch in August in the UK.

The new LeapsterGS is the next generation of the company’s Leapster Explorer. It has a thinner, sleek design, larger and higher-quality screen, built-in motion sensor plus camera and video recorder, the new faster LF 2000 processor and 4x the internal memory (2 GB).

As you can imagine, that spec boost makes a big difference and while the graphics aren't noticeably any different the load speeds and performance certainly are.

Pocket-lintleapfrog leapstergs pictures and hands on image 6

But it's not just about the specs, LeapFrog has added a new game to the device called "Escape of the Sillies" that lets kids snap their mates or family with the built-in camera and morph them into the game, while at the same time building on the child's maths skills.

The LeapsterGS will also include the LeapFrog's fun Pet Pad writing app and the choice of an additional app to download via the company's app store.

A quick play with the new gaming console and it's good fun. While it won't offer the range of "fun" games the Nintendo DS or 3DS does, the idea here is to offer a more educational focus and that it does.

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If you think of the LeapsterGS for kids who aren't ready to start collecting Pokemon or trying to save Princess Peach then it will be perfect.

The new LeapFrog LeapsterGS will cost £64.99 when it launches in August.

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