LeapFrog has created a new electronic reading device for 2 to 4 year olds that hopes to let them think you’ve been kind enough to give them a Kindle.

Designed to look like the ebook reader from Amazon, it’s sadly not as tech savy, but still very cool for your toddler nonetheless and should got down a storm for Kindle rather than iPad loving families not impressed by the also recently launched LeapFrog LeapPad.

The My Own Story Time Pad is designed for little ones but is full of “grown-up” features.

Children can follow along to stories personalized with their name and favorite things, hear customised “emails” from their family, listen to a playlist of songs selected for them, and enjoy fun animations as they explore the letters of the alphabet.

My Own Story Time Pad comes pre-loaded with a story, email, and three songs. It holds up to five stories, ten songs, and three emails at a time all which is managed via a software package on the PC.

An Internet connection is required for the personalisation features, and a USB cable is included.

It's due out later this year. Very cute.