(Pocket-lint) - Kids don't want simple any more. As so we find ourselves reviewing Bop it Extreme 2 an advanced version of Simon Says. So popular it seems was the first version by Hasbro, that they couldn't resist updating and creating another. But has it got what it takes to entertain your kids without driving you mad? we locked up a group of brats to find out.

To put it mildly this game is as addictive as fast food for both children and adults.

The idea is simple. The game, depending on which mode you select, screams instructions at you to either pull, twist, flick or spin one of the four nozzles at the end of the four legs. The better you do, the faster the music and instructions get. The aim is to follow the instructions for as long as you can without pausing for too long. Pause and it's game over.

To increase the longevity of the device there are four different music styles to beat to; Pop, Rock, Latin, R&B. Furthermore there a number of different game modes to chose from. Solo, one-on-one and group. The single is just you against the music while the one-on-one and group give you time to pass the device around a group of friends.

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While inherently simple the game is actually very addictive as you (for some reason) need to beat your previous score.


Where this gadget/toy scores highly is the addition of a headphone jack so kids can keep the noise to themselves without driving parents mad - a certain must if you are hoping to keep them quiet on that long car journey.

It will require three AA batteries to work (so even if you buy a pack of 16, you’ll end up with spares, condemning you to buy three packs of 4 every time) and although the option is there for the headphones, you’ll have to supply those yourself as well.

Gripes? Three really, firstly that the voice telling you what to flick, spin, twist and pull gets very annoying after only the shortest of gameplay time. Secondly, you’ll realise that after a 30 minutes of playing you really should have been doing something else. Finally, like karaoke game series, for a game that requires you to have your wits all about you, it somehow gets better when all the adults are hammered. Addictive but great fun.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.