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(Pocket-lint) - Transformers has long had a place in our heart. The idea that trucks, dinosaurs and anything else for that matter could be a robot in disguise is a great tool in feeding the imagination of the young. Whether they are young in age or young at heart, Transformers sell the idea that not all is what it seems.

SilverStreak therefore has managed to disguise himself as a Subaru Impreza WRX. Detailed in every way the car serves the transformer model well. Free moving parts, and the ability to double-up as a car makes this a great toy, but its not until you manoeuvre past the 13 or so instructions that you realise that this toy has actually had some planning. Wheels move, the steering wheel is height adjustable and the seats can be positioned so you won't complain of backache.

Transforming from the car to the robot is simple once you know how and being honest you will probably have to refer to the instructions at some point in the transformation.

Once transformed however the end result looks a lot like the Citroen advert currently showing on television performing Michael Jackson's old dance moves and while the advert isn't selling the same car, its surprising how similar the two look.

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Adverts aside, the car is still a great toy that will challenge any 5+ more than enough, in fact probably too much. Is it a true gadget? Probably not, but you can't resist anything that's a car and a robot, can you?

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 1 December 2004.