(Pocket-lint) - While the sun was bright and the weather was hot, pocket-lint managed to get out to the park to test the latest product in the Super Soaker range. No it’s not the biggest water pistol you’ve ever seen or an elaborate water land mine system. What it is, is a 7ft high rocket that will blast some 100ft in the air.

Coming in one the biggest boxes we’ve seen for a long time this rocket is pure science geekiness for any doting kid, but be warned it does mean this isn’t the easiest thing to take to the park especially if you’re on foot. Once at the park we set about building the launch pad and the rocket itself.

The launch pad comes in a number of pieces, however the easy to read instruction manual does make it easy to set up. What the manual doesn’t make apparent though is that the rocket shaft, which you have to blow up with your own breath, has to be blown up to a point where you think it will actually explode. Fail to get it right and you’ll have disappointed faces as the rocket will simply wheeze at you rather than launching for the clouds.

The rocket itself is powered building up water pressure. Pouring about a litre of water into the reservoir and then pumping plenty of air into it with the accompanying pump will generate your pressure to aid propulsion and the more you pump (don't worry there is a gauge) the higher the rocket goes. Of course - and this is where the super soaker element comes into effect - the water has to go somewhere once the rocket launches from the base and unless you stand well back it means getting very wet indeed as that litre of water pours out the bottom.

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Once you get over the question of how much you have to inflate the main rocket shaft this is a great toy that will fill any afternoon with launches. However it would have been nice if the launch pad had been a little more compact making it easier to get it to the park if your garden isn’t that big - wind can carry this thing quite far you know. Aside from that, if you fancy launching your own rocket and getting wet at the same time this will certainly do the task at hand admirably.

Writing by Stuart Miles.