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(Pocket-lint) - Things have changed a lot since I was a child. In my day, water pistols were just that- pistols with a dodgy cap at the back and with all the force of a syringe. Today however, thanks to Hasbro the water pistol is now a lean mean fighting machine.

The Triple Aggressor is what you would define as your top of the range water pistol, and perfect for the coming summer months. The three options available to you are the main crux of the machine which is a pump action device, a hand pistol for close combat and a water grenade if things get a little too close to call.

The pump action water shotgun has a range of over 10 metres - enough to spray a jet taller than your average two-storey house and the pump action section fills from a 1.5 litre water reservoir. Filling the reservoir can either be done via unscrewing a cap or alternatively, and idea if you are planning to refill in the garden, the cap features a push down valve that allows you to fill it up with a hose with minimum of fuss. Once you are watered to the hilt, a quick pump of the pressure pump and you’re in action.

No weapon is perfect of course and it does take quite a few pumps to get the pressure up to mount a good attack, if you’re being chased this can be a problem however the triple aggressor has anticipated this and therefore offers a small hand pistol that can be filled from the all important main reservoir.

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If all this gets too much then you can opt for the final last ditch stand, and again using the main reservoir you have the option of soaking a sponge grenade with water to throw at the on coming hordes.


With devices like this on the market, water pistols are no longer just for kids and this will get any attacker seriously wet in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. At £20 however, some might say this is a tad expensive for a water pistol. Yet with a large water reservoir, the grenade option and the full extent of the water jet range of this bad boy makes this in our experience the daddy of all water pistols. Anyone fancy getting wet?

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 8 June 2004.