(Pocket-lint) - Nerf has launched a new Nerf gun that comes complete with a built-in camera so you can record just how good a shot you are.

The new Nerf NStrike ProCam is a standard looking blaster rifle from the company, but look closely and you'll soon notice that it has a small LCD display where the sights are normally found.


While the camera sadly doesn't include a zoom function so you can zone in on your target like the pro sniper you probably long to be, you can use the camera with the accompanying controls on the blaster to record those Nerf darts flying through the air to show what an "ace shot" you really are.

The footage, once recorded, is then saved to a standard SD card (you get a 4GB card in the box) and that means you are free to do what you want with it afterwards, or you can simply opt to play it back on the screen on the weapon itself.


In practice and it works a treat. The footage recorded isn't amazing, but good enough to certainly record that "deer caught in headlights" moment of your mates as you Nerf them into oblivion.

At £84.99 it is a tad expensive, especially when you consider that a non-camera enabled Nerf gun is about half the price, but if you want to tech up your game, and then record the aftermath of your destruction, this looks to be a great way to do it without having to work out how to hold your phone and a blaster at the same time.

Writing by Stuart Miles.