Furby was the number one selling toy for Christmas 2013, and Hasbro is hoping it can repeat that feat a second year running.

To do so, it is releasing a new "Crystal series" Furby and Furblings for those who either missed out first time around or need to fuel their Furby love.

The semi-intelligent critters aren't any different in terms of what they are capable of, but do come in a range of new psychedelic colours and in keeping with the name, crystallised ears and eyes.

Pocket-lintfurby boom is back and this time it s got a crystal makeover image 5

To complete the rather "blinged" out experience, the accompanying app for the iPad has also been "crystalled" so you can really feel like you are a pop star or a diva.

For those unaware of the phenomenon, The Furby, a hit in 2013, will chat and interact to anyone that goes near it, as well as letting it look after it by giving it virtual showers, food, and playing games.

Pocket-lintfurby boom is back and this time it s got a crystal makeover image 7

Hasbro followed up the Furby with the smaller and cheaper Furlblings earlier this year. While they aren't as expensive nor as intelligent, we do have to say in the flesh they look a lot cuter, especially when it comes to the choice of colours available.

The new Furby Boom Crystal will cost £64.99 and the new Furby Furbling Crystal £14.99. Both are how in the next couple of months.

In the flesh and they are just as cute (read annoying) as before keen and eager to talk to you gibbering the usual array of rubbish that you'll unbeknowlingly be spouting to the rest of your family within hours of getting it home. 

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