If you ever find yourself screaming, "We need bigger guns!" then Nerf has probably heard you and is trying to answer your call - in the toy world at least.

The Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 forms part of the N-Strike Elite range and is a fully automatic machinegun capable of taking 18 Nerf darts at a time in a single magazine clip.

Powered by four AA batteries, the gun will shoot its load in under six seconds (or 3.2 darts a second if you're really counting).

The darts have a range of around 20m - something we can vouch for - and depending on how close you get to your target will depend on the pain they receive being hit by one. No faces, no faces.


Brightly coloured blue and orange - so as not to draw the attention of the fuzz - it's a mean, lean dart-firing machine. And one that we've had a lot of fun with.

Helping out on the precision front there's a flip-up sight at the front and an extendable shoulder butt to help steady your aim. It weights in at 583g.

It's not all totes amazeballs however: the speed at which the darts fire means you are soon out of rounds so that's something to bear in mind, and on a number of occasions when shooting anything that moved - including some things that didn't - the gun jammed. As any solider will tell you: a jammed gun is useless.


Perhaps realising this possible issue, Nerf has included a jam-clearing door at the top of the chamber and that also allows you to slip in a single round if you need to load-up fast.

At £35 the Nerf Rapidstrike might be a bit steep for some, and we would recommend buying more Elite darts if you want to stay in the game for more than six seconds, but it's good fun nonetheless.