Go on, 'fess up. Just how many times did have you picked up a pole or stick and swiped it around making Lightsaber noises? Well now you don't have to.

Toy Lightsabers, even replicas, are nothing new but the Ultimate FX Lightsaber from Hasbro caught our eyes, and ears, because of the way it lights up and the sounds it makes. No more do we have to fling around an old broom handle, as this satisfies our Jedi lust.

Yes, this is a Lightsaber that looks and sounds top notch and will only set you back about £30. 

Pocket-lintultimate fx lightsaber pictures and hands on image 2

Unlike some other toys, this isn't a telescopic "bladed" model, but fixed. The illumination up the "blade" is really impressive, using a set of LEDs to run the light up the blade when you turn it on, and down when you switch it off. This model is green, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber, but there are blue and red models available too, with slightly different handle designs as per the original Star Wars models.

The big button turns the thing on and off, making all the right noises as it does so. The impressive thing about the Ultimate FX Lightsaber is that you get the sweeping noises and clashes when you hit something, accompanied by the appropriate flashing, thanks to motion sensing built in. It won't slash open the belly of a tauntaun, or let you cut your way through a blast door, but it's fun none the less.

So far, everyone we've shown the Lightsaber to has been suitably impressed. It may be plastic and it may be a toy, but it does look pretty cool and everyone from boy to grown man can't help but pick it up and wave it around. We've grabbed a quick video to demonstrate the sounds and how it looks in darkness, and there are plenty more videos on YouTube - it's particularly impressive in the hands of kids battling it out at night.

Widely available in toy shops and online, the Hasbro Ultimate FX Lightsaber will cost you around £30.

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