At what point do you say enough is enough when it comes to gadgets for your desk? We take a look at the Mock U Rappers from Tomy.

Promising to be "A wacky desktop toy that is the ultimate gift for those who have everything". Mock U Rappers are three animals that sit on a tree and rap back to you that they are cool.

Probably getting on your nerves in about 20 seconds the longevity, if you can call it that, comes from being able to record around 3 seconds of speech for them to rap back to you.

Storing your phrase in its virtual memory banks the cheeky characters attempt to sing it back to you in 1980s sty, sty, style.

There are three different animal collections; Monkeys, birds or farmyard animals to choose from and all are as pointless as each other.

Price when reviewed:

The time to say enough is enough is when you look at this on the shelf.

Not one person we showed it to laughed, and even the range of kids from 18 months to 10 looked unimpressed.

One to avoid like the plague.