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(Pocket-lint) - Fresh from the shores of New Zealand, the Bugaboo has a challenger in the stakes of best looking Buggy. So can Phill&Teds sports buggy work for you? We find out.

The core advantage of the Sport is that it is a single buggy that transforms (with the optional accessory) into a double buggy for your two children without you having to push around something that is larger than a double-decker bus.

The three-wheel pram that comes in a range of colours and is used by celebrities such as Coldplay's Chris Martin and Brooke Shields is fairly compact, comes with pneumatic tyres, adjustable handlebar, four seat positions, lockable or swivel front wheel, quick release wheels, a brake, a four-point harness, washable covers a range of optional extras such as rain covers, sun covers, mud-guards cases and of course the double kit.

Set up out of the box did take some reading of the instructions, but once all together everything is straight forward. Collapsing it for the car is as easy as pressing two buttons and there is a carry handle that makes it even easier to lug around. One of the advantages is that it can be stood upright, and you can, as mentioned above, take the wheels off if you are tight for space. It's not as small as a £14.99 offering from Woolworths, but equal to the Bugaboo in size in the back of your car.

As for getting around, moveability is good, although nowhere near as impressive as the Bugaboo. We did find going up curbs a slight issue, thanks to the design and that third wheel, however on rough terrain, because all wheels are pheumatic tyres rather than plastic shopping trolley ones, it coped better with bumps.

As for the two-baby sitting arrangement, this is adjusted depending on the age of your children. If you've got a toddler and a baby then the baby goes in the back laying flat while the extra seat clamps into place on the top. In our tests both kids seemed happy with this arrangement, however we were worried about how low the babies head was to the curb and about getting easy access.

For two toddler's, the older child still gets the shotgun position, with the smaller one tucked underneath. There is some compromise for the younger of the two, but then isn't that always the case.


At almost £400 for the Sport with double kit this isn't a pram/buggy that you want to be investing in if you've already spent £600 on a Bugaboo.

For this to work therefore you've got to be thinking of having two children from the outset - something which might scare you half to death.

If you are in that "I want two children" boat then the Phill&Teds will serve you the possible 8 years you could be carrying it around for.

The tough, well made, and well implemented design will give you a longer life than that of the Bugaboo (there is no double buggy option currently) but for the time you don't have that second child you will be at a disadvantage.

Writing by Stuart Miles.