Making sure your baby is sitting comfortably is important; Summer Infant believe they have the answer with the Summer Infant Vibrating baby rocking seat designed for 0-6-month-olds.

The easy to assemble seat is comes with three sensory toys to hang from the bar that dangles in front of your baby and more importantly washable covers if they throw up.

In attempt to sooth them, the seat also comes with a vibrating element although in use we found this to be anything but. If you do manage to find a shop that still sells D-cell batteries (man they are big) then you'll press the on button to see a slight jig around the area surround the battery and nothing more. Now while we weren't expected it to be like some bucking bronco ride we did expect it to be a little more than it actually was - very disappointing.

Unfortunately its not the only problem with the chair and we found with our chief tester Emily, that once your baby starts to want to sit up this doesn’t look to be very comfortable, in addition to this the bar with those sensory toys on it was just too far away to grab toys hanging from it.

Summer Infant vibrating baby rocking seat
Price when reviewed:

Ideal for younger babies, but once your baby starts to get interactive then this seat starts to lose its appeal.

Couple that with a distinct lack of vibration and this seat has a short life span, but for that short time, like the Bumbo it will give you 5 minutes spare time to do get jobs around the house done.