With the Fantastic Four (FF) hitting cinema screens this summer kids everywhere will no doubt want to become one of the main four characters. They did with X-Men, so they will with the FF - at least the producers hope so.

How do toy makers fuel this need? By creating electronic Thing hands of course.

Made from fairly soft foam, the Thing hands are based on Ben Grimm's character from the 1961 comic series.

Punch something and they make crashing and smashing noises. Every fourth noise is a badly recorded voice saying “It's clobberin' time” and that's pretty much the extent of their function.

For the avid FF fan you will be able to get electronic Thing feet to go with it and for the super-keen, a breast plate and face mask.


These are identical to the Hulk hands that were available when the film was released a couple of years ago. The colour has changed and the markings slightly different, but try telling your little one that they've got to pretend the ones that are half-chewed and falling apart that they'll have to pretend they are orange.

The oversized mitts should give hours of entertainment and at only £7 won't break the bank either. Our only word of advice, make sure you're not in the firing line when it comes to clobberin' time.