Sometimes gadgets should do nothing more than bring a smile to your face. That is certainly the case for the Flip Flap. What is it? Well it's a small (15cm x 10cm) solar powered fake bit of flora that flips and flaps when its gets a bit of sun light as if it's in a gentle breeze.

It won't make your tea, won't connect to the computer to download emails when you are out and about and certainly won't allow to take better pictures with your digital camera, it just flip flaps backwards and forwards.

For those requiring more from their gadgets the device does have three different movements (Synchronous, left and right in turns and seesaw) and the more light you can throw at it the more it flips and flaps. For those who like to label, the flip flap also comes with a tag so you can attach your business card or a note to say you've gone to lunch.


It's simple, requires no batteries, no attention and no asking a friend to water it when you go on holiday. No matter how simple it sounds, since we've had it in the office in hasn't failed to bring a smile to our face whenever we've had a moment of pondering or a bad email. Calming and cute, it's top marks for the FlipFlap.