If you feel your desk at work or your room at home is constantly being invaded then one company might just have the solution. The Off Limits Room Blaster is a motion sensor alarm system designed for kids to keep adults at bay.

Looking like one of those automated gun turrets from the film Aliens, the Room Blaster, is well built and packs a mean punch. There are four working modes you can set via the remote control: Warning Shot, Ambush, Assault, and Manual Fire.

Warning shot will shoot about a quarter of the disks in the full ammo clip (15 discs in all) after the motion sensor has been tripped while Ambush fires about half the ammo load. The Assault mode however won't stop until the cartridge has been dispensed. Those wishing to test the device can you the manual mode and fire on pressing a button on the remote.

The motion sensor has a range of about 3 metres and a warning sound is given before the fury is unleashed, if on hearing the warning sound the subject moves out of the field of vision the Room Blaster doesn't fire.


This is a great toy that certainly brought a smile to the faces of the chaps in the office. The foam discs are likely to be lost in a matter of days as they shoot out of the Room Blaster with some speed, but the sound effects that accompany the firing only make you want to keep setting this device to fire.

Our only complaint is the amount of batteries you will need to power the unit - four AA for the device and a further two AAA for the remote all of which of course are not included in the box. Batteries aside, this is a great fun gadget for kids and kids at heart. Now stand back before we blast you!

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