With Spiderman 2 being released in the UK next month, we couldn't help but get involved with the accompanying Spiderman Merchandise. This time it's the Triple Action Web Blaster, upgraded from the Double Action Blaster last time around.

Aimed at ages 5 and up this toy isn't for the large of hand, however it is great fun. Basically for those not in the know, you slip on the Spidey glove, strap the blaster to your arm and then contorting your hand a la Spidey himself, pull down the lever. Depending on what is loaded in the blaster will depend on how your enemy gets attacked.

Of the three blasting attachments we obviously found the silly string, ahem, I mean web fluid, the best. Simply attach a canister (don't worry one comes in the box) to the blaster and within seconds you can cover people in slimy white goo.

If you're too stingy to buy another canister once this has run out, fear not as you have a water pot or a bunch of plastic missiles, but neither seem to live up to the excitement of the “web fluid”.


For kids this is great fun, however a word of warning does come on the box - the silly string is a pressurised canister and therefore all the dangers that go with pressurised canisters apply. Even more important than that however, is the fact that silly string stains everything it touches: walls, carpets, clothing, furniture and so on so. Our advice would be to make sure this game whether played by kids or kids at heart is taken outside. Once you’ve got over this small aside though you can get ready to web sling your way into action in time for the sequel.