With Euro 2004 this month the nation is about to go footie-mad. What better way than when the games aren't on but to play football on the television? However just for once we're not talking about the latest incarnation of EA's FIFA or any other console-based game.

Plugging straight into your television the aim of TV Penalty Shoot Out Soccer is to pass your foot over a half football that has been stuck onto a green mat that looks like a football pitch and then using your invisible shooting skills put the ball into the back of the net represented on the screen.

Passing your foot over in different ways produces different shots and you get five attempts to put it past the goalie. The setting you choose will determine how good that goalie is of course.

The graphics aren't the best in the world but the overall idea should keep youngsters happy for hours with four different modes to play; practice, player versus computer, player versus player and Team A versus Team B for those party moments.


While playing this we did get some frustration as to how the sensor picked up our movement and like the professionals in testing we missed more than we scored. However the four-year old that we let loose on it seemed to pick it up with ease. With several different settings and difficulty levels it should quell the need to prove we are all better than Batty, Peirce, Waddle and Southgate when it comes to taking penalties.

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